When she walks, she creates thunder. And when she smiles,
lightening strikes, for there is a storm inside of her
– SC

Steph_Photo-LRHave you ever felt the person’s soul next to you? I have also, and that is when I decided to put led to paper. The moment I did that, my soul slowly started to ignite 
and I realized the power of words. I would describe myself as an individual who feels deeply. I can remember feeling things so intensely as a young child, but not being able to name what it was; it was through writing, I was able to identify my feelings.

My style of writing is designed to allow the reader to become the person referenced to. I play a character that I’m not; the use of the third party is a persona. My words come from a place far within me where I allow my soul to speak beauty, truth, and horror. I believe vulnerability and human connection to be the most beautiful gifts one can ever experience. I want my readers to become fearless and allow their souls to be bare and naked as they get lost in the thrill of words. As you open this book, I hope you will allow your soul to go up in flames and explore the deepest parts of your being. –SC

Stephanie Catalano is a young professional writer. Born and raised in Florida, she grew to love writing from an early age when she realized the magic of feelings. As long as she can remember, she has had the ability to see through people’s eyes into their souls. The understanding she feels for people goes far beyond the surface. “Bona Fide Spirit” is a debut of her as an author. It consists of poems and short-writings that embrace what it means to have a soul on fire.